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Flats Challenge 2015

So I haven’t blogged in a while. We had so much going on.  We moved across the country, had a new baby, watched and supported as one of our babies joined a public school for a year, and downsized.  It has taken everything out of me to keep on going, and I am feeling the need to write.

What better way than to start with a challenge? This will be awesome.

Last year, when we first moved from Baltimore, MD to Willows, CA, we didn’t have a washer or dryer. It was rough.  I was 6 months pregnant with 4 kids, and washing 6 people’s laundry daily became tedious to say the least.

The flats and handwashing challenge is near and dear to my heart this year having been in a position last year that I never dreamed I would find myself in.  No income, and no washer or dryer! This year, I am challenging myself to diaper my littlest (6 months old) with only things we already have along with the challenge.

The challenge details can be found at (when my computer decides to let me hyperlink again, I’ll fix the link).

Each day there is a different blog prompt to go along with handwashing and diapering using flats.

I haven’t decided if I will do the challenge with Kyle this year as diapering a special needs kiddo throws a wrench into the mix, but I may put our beloved GMD fitteds in a basket for a week and at least try.

pic for cuteness



As most of you know, life got a little crazy for us this month with a kiddo in the hospital. Thus is the life of a family with a special needs kid like Kyle.

My apologies.. I promise we do eat, I just haven’t been posting it because of a lack of time!

Intro to our little corner

We are a busy family 🙂 There’s Stephen, our Daddy. I’m Cherie, 26 year old Mama of four AMAZING kids.

Gracie is our gorgeous, vivacious firstborn. She is a sensitive and extremely intelligent. At 8 years old, she is definitely our “little mother”, always looking after the house and planning out every detail that she can.

Charity is our second little girl. She is 6 now and full of life and spunk.