Judgement continued…

So last month I wrote a post about being your own worst critic. I would like to continue that concept here.

I struggle daily with feeling like I haven’t done enough. I don’t manage the money (but I sure know how to spend it- let me tell ya!), so I don’t pay bills, I don’t worry about the lights going off, or the water not running… My sweet husband takes care of that for me. 

I deal with details. My entire life revolves around details. From laundry being put away to toilets being adequately scrubbed. From thinking about who ate what to when the last diaper was changed. From what is the next meal to if there are clean dishes and coffee. It’s all details, mundane details that are thankless jobs. Important, but very blah in the realm of things that can be accomplished. 

I would like my children to value themselves as individuals, so I am trying to set a good example. No matter the size of the job, doing it as well as I can do it is important. 

I am challenging myself with finding a “short list” of five items, which when completed, will give me satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Basically, if nothing else gets done in the day, the day will have been a success. 

These are not things for my small people, that will be in the next post on this subject (things to do and say every day with my children that if that’s all that happens, it has been a fantastic day). No, I’m talking about the mundane details that need to happen in order for me to consider the day a success.

I have a morning list, a daytime list, and an evening list. 5 items per list that I am hoping to incorperate into my daily habits. 

For me, getting yoga in every morning is so necessary. Making my husbands coffee and sending him off to work gives me a great sense of satisfaction. 

So try it. Make a list of five tasks you can look at and feel accomplished 🙂


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