30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 22:DRS2S Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder

Most people don’t do this carry the way I do, I see a lot of tutorials missing the chest pass, creating a double chest pass.

This is such an awesome carry for if you are pregnant, just looking for a wrap that doesn’t go on your tummy, or if you need your munchkin higher on your back. 

Rebozo means the pass that goes over one shoulder, under the other, and the under the shoulder it went over. A regular Rebozo carry is done by then tying off, but you can easily go over the second shoulder and tie to create a double shoulder carry with a nice chest belt. Super comfy, super supportive. 

Video tutorial can be found Here

These carries done with a size 6 Girasol in Autumn Earth.

Happy Wrapping!

These carries were done with a linen wrap (not tapered ends) in a size six.


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