You are your own worst critic.

Now I want you to think about that for just a moment.

I sat in my home today, completely surrounded by the gorgeous voices of children happily playing.  I saw the laundry baskets that needed sorting and folding.  I saw the dishwasher needing emptying and filling.  I saw the breakfast crumbs on the table still, I saw the collection of shoes by the door that needed straightening.  I saw the fan blades that needed to be dusted.  I saw the blinds that needed to be wiped… the list goes on and on.  The kids ate bacon, eggs, toast, and grapes for breakfast this morning.  It could’ve been more…

That’s the problem.  It always could’ve been more.

I struggle a lot with what I do not actually mattering to anyone.  It doesn’t matter if I scrub the kitchen down three times a day or bathe the baby, or change diapers every 2 hours, or cook 3 meals and 2 snacks a day…. It doesn’t matter that we buy only organic, that we cook only in stainless steel or glass.   It doesn’t matter…. But it does.

You are your own worst critic.

I got sick earlier this week.  I didn’t even get out of bed much on Monday at all.  I got up enough to throw some food directions at people and collapse again.  They all lived.  I questioned whether or not it was even worth my getting out of bed ever again.  It didn’t seem to matter…… until the next day when I had to play catch up on laundry, dishes, and cleaning up the dog hair.  I don’t think that is a healthy mentality, so I’m choosing to just leave it right there, and find things that DO matter.

It DOES matter that my kids laugh every day.

It DOES matter that my kids are so accustomed to eating real food that we don’t actually have any “prepared” foods even in the house… we want pizza? we make the dough, roll it out, put all our favorite toppings on it and cook it.  That’s how it goes.

It DOES matter that my kids don’t eat cereal on a regular basis, it’s a treat for rare occasions, and they don’t even like it then!

It DOES matter that my little ones have fresh, clean diapers, and that they are changed frequently enough to stay healthy.

It DOES matter that my kids see me enjoy life.

It DOES matter that my kids know where their food comes from.

It DOES matter that we all get outside every day.

It DOES matter that my children feel safe, loved, and comfortable.

It is just so easy to get caught up in the things that don’t matter and have them get the best of you.  So I beg of you, don’t let the things that matter slide.  Don’t get so caught up in the mundane tasks that you can’t play on the floor with your kids.

I am so very guilty of doing “what needs to be done”, but don’t let that be your parenting style.  Be invested.  Enjoy your children.  They are only small once, and it is such a short time before they are grown and gone.


4 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. So needed to hear this today! I recently left my office job to be home with my little one. All the things around the house, quality time with my guys, and getting my Etsy shop off the ground make for a never ending list of things I could be doing. Learning to find balance and celebrate the things that do get done! Nice to know I’m not alone!

    1. I feel like all parents tend to slip into a pattern of judging themselves. It breaks my heart when we so desperately need validation.

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