30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 16: RRRR Rear Rebozo Reinforced Rucksack

That’s a mouth full of R’s for you!

An RRRR is a Rear Rebozo Reinforced Rucksack carry.  You start with a basic Rucksack (wrap spread over your child’s back and up over your shoulders on your back.  For the Rear Rebozo, you want the middle marker to reach your chest in the front, so you have a shorter tail and a longer tail.

Pull the longer tail down underneath your arm after tightening strand by strand and spread it wide above your baby’s leg over your baby’s back and under your opposite arm to meet the short tail. You can either tie here at the shoulder, or you can do a single knot, twist the tails a few times and tie across the other shoulder like I did for a candy cane chest belt.


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