30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 7: SHC Simple Hip Carry

The Simple Hip Carry is the very basic carry that is used in a lot of the world as that “extra arm”… it holds the baby a little tighter than just slinging your arm under their bum, but basically about as secure.  They can tip and turn and “fall” out of this carry pretty easily, and it can be quite frustrating.

But- this carry does have perks.  Once tied, you can easily (and quickly) pop your babe in and out as often as you wish.

I find the knot tied on the back is rather uncomfortable.  I also find a ring sling to be infinitely more comfortable, and versatile.

Anyone can do a Simple Hip Carry with things in your house- heck, the curtains hanging up behind me would work just fine for a Simple Hip Carry.  All you need is a piece of fabric (preferably all cotton or at least a natural blend such as bamboo, linen, or hemp).

You begin by tying a loose double knot around the shoulder opposite where you would like to sit your baby.  Slide the knot to the middle of your back and you can flip your shoulder now or wait until your babe is positioned if you would rather.  My neck gets quite sore after just a few minutes in this carry, so while it is nice for a very active toddler who is up and down a billion times, it isn’t practical for me at the stage my squish is at 🙂

However, a challenge is a challenge, right? So this is where we are…

 Simple Hip Carry


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