Babywearing, woven wraps and other musings

So now that the first week of the babywearing challenge is done, I have found it to be absolutely energizing to be participating.  The infograph I am using can be found on pinterest here.

30 day wrap challenge

I am also helping to update the Wearing Wiki page, by adding tutorials to the info for the wraps I am doing along the way.

I think that there is no one “right” way to wrap your baby, that you need to experiment and trouble shoot and find what works best for you. I do carries a little differently with each child, based on their level of support, how my back is feeling etc… and what works for me, might not work for you… that’s the beauty of looking at many different styles and comfort levels.

Woven wraps are the ultimate in adaptability, changing thickness, size, tension, height, and spread of your fabric passes.  I haven’t found a woven that my kids won’t fall asleep in, they just lend themselves to sweet, sleepy comfort.

They can be used for tiny newborns, or big hefty preschoolers.  They are really an invaluable asset to my parenting journey, that extra pair of hands when needed, a hammock in the yard, a picnic blanket when we are at a parade, a cozy cover when we are out and about, a lovey when my kids need to smell and snuggle something familiar but are on a car trip…. They are so versatile.

I am going to continue with the 30 Days 30 Carries Wrap challenge, but then I am going to also push the rest of the wearing wiki list, and challenge myself to name one of my favorite carries as well 🙂


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