30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 6: Front Torso Carry

This is a traditional carry in a lot of cultures. It is practical for nursing, as babe has really easy access to mama, and is wonderful for close snuggles, tummy to tummy.

It is not, however, good for many ages of child, or body shapes. It would be great for babies that have good head control (about 3 months plus) until about 30 lbs, at which point they have enough weight to really throw themselves out of the wrap.

As far as body shapes go, this really doesn’t work well with a parent who has a rectangular shaped physique, or an hourglass, or an inverted triangle. It really works best on a parent who has wider hips than waist or chest. With narrower hips, this carry will slide down, with a larger chest, this will bunch right in the middle and no matter how tight you make it, it will loosen and slip.

I find for my body type, not having straps wrapping my shoulder blades, I over compensate and lean too far away from the baby, putting undo strain on my core muscles.

I had a very squirmy baby today, who really wanted to be down on the lawn exploring, but he is exhausted and I needed to finish some chores, so up he went.

Front Torso Carry Instructiond

As soon as he was up, he was very content though 🙂

Mommy baby love

He even fell asleep in it 🙂



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