Days “off”

Today, I had a day off.  It started with this gorgeous little face curled up next to me in bed.  I slunk out of bed, the morning air outside still crisp with dew.  The outside world whispered that it was almost fall as I kissed my sweet husband goodbye and handed him his morning coffee.

I returned to his side, the rise and fall of his chest, such sweet comfort.  This is my day off.  To soak in every single breath of his morning, knowing full well that this stage is fleeting.  Soon, he was up and going, the iceberg melting smile coming out as the sun rose fully over the roofline and bathed us in its glow.  As he grinned and crawled around the bed, I could think of nothing I would rather do with my morning off.

The kids did an amazing job  on their schoolwork today, so as promised, we had a morning “off”… freedom fridays… They goofed off, they stayed in jammies, they played with clay, they built the T.A.R.D.I.S. on minecraft, they told me jokes, they pretended they were in ancient rome and wrote on clay tablets…. they were awesome.

We cleaned, sorted, and folded 11 loads of laundry.  We caught up on a show we wanted to continue watching.  We had a lazy breakfast of french toast and yogurt/berry smoothies.  We laughed, we talked.  It was a beautiful morning.

When Daddy went back to work, Alasdair took a nap… he snuggles into his sheepskin from Amma every day for nap time.  It’s like a warm hug from grandma even though she’s never met him face to face.

I sit for a moment before tending to the 5 phone calls on my list for this afternoon…. I gaze at his tiny toes, so much bigger than they used to be.

These precious toes that leave footprints on my heart every day.

This set of curls … the eyelashes… his ears.  The soft pudgy skin that you just sink right into… he is so perfect.

The bigger kids rode their bikes to the library while the little ones had quiet time. I made some much needed phone calls, even if i didn’t get to the bottom of the problems.

The house is clean and ready for fun this evening, the kids have one of their cousins over for the night, kid fun is planned, an early morning tomorrow with football games is planned, but today was our day off.  And it was beautiful.


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