30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 4: SCC Shorrt Cross Carry

Up today in the challenge is the Short Cross Carry.  I prefer a variation of this with a ring instead of looping the material through itself, but I wanted to demonstrate this carry in its pure form.

This one is a bit more snug than the FCC, because there are less passes than the full length cross carry.

This Carry requires a wrap one to two sizes shorter than whatever your standard is, this Didymos I used is VERY grippy, making slip knots hard to tighten up, but it is very floppy, so that is a plus,  Linen tends to dig a bit more, so i dont tend to favor it in a short wrap for older kids, or kids who may have limited sensation.

I typically use a 5, this wrap is a size 3 and perfect.  I could easily use a 4, and have a bit more slack.

Short Cross Carry YouTube

Alasdair is 19 lbs and 10.5 months old 🙂



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