30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 3:FCC Front Cross Carry

Today’s wrap style is called the front cross carry. I hardly ever use this carry because it just is not supportive to me. It hangs the child directly on the wearer’s shoulders, and does not offer any lower support.

That being said, it is very easy to nurse discreetly in, and you can leave it tied and take the child in and out fairly easily. It just doesn’t hild very securely for me, and I prefer a wrap that has at least one horizontal pass to keep little people who like to arch their backs closer to your body.

Front Cross Carry on YouTube

I used a size 6 Nati baby all cotton wrap called “Starry Night”, it is a very thick wrap, and difficult to tie because the ends are not tapered, but blunt cut, making it fit more like a size 5, or even a long four. The difference between it and my size 6 Gira is really amazing.

Here are a few action shots of FCC

My little back archer:

Sweet little munchkin….


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