30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 2: SWCC Semi-Wrap Cross Carry

Todays wrap is not nearly one I reach for in my arsenal on a regular basis. It’s simple enough, but I really prefer a two shouldered carry if I’m using a woven.

I’m using a Didymos Indio Orient today, it’s a size three. It is a linen/cotton blend (40/60) and is wonderfully supportive without being thick or cumbersome. It has good grip and is hard to slide the slip knot, which is very good for an older/heavier baby.

Semi-wrap cross carry

This carry feels a lot like a ring sling carry when it’s tied right. The slip knot tightens the tails (from the back, opposite from a RS) and the baby sits on your hip. It is a bit more secure than a ring sling, having a pass that goes through the baby’s legs and across their back/shoulder, but I don’t find it to be more comfortable, and it is more work to do than just grabbing a ring sling.

A very sleepy Alasdair in a semi-wrap cross carry

Here is the munchkin, all passed out after making pumpkin pancakes with mama in this wrap.


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