30 Day Wrap Challenge Day 1:FWCC Front Wrap Cross Carry

What can I say about FWCC?





It’s probably the very first wrap you ever learned as a newbie wrapper.  It’s certainly the first I ever did.  You can do it with a stretch wrap, a piece of a sheet, an old table cloth, a strip of fabric, pretty much anything.

It’s good for babies, it’s good for toddlers, it’s good for newborns, it’s good for everyone… it’s certainly good for mamas 🙂

I’m going to do a video tutorial with pics as well, because I think pictures of wraps are just gorgeous.  I adore wrapping.  When everything else is going wrong in my life, wrapping makes me feel centered, I relax, knowing exactly where my baby is and what he is getting into (usually my hair .. he heh).

FWCC on youtube

I’m using a size 6 Girasol rainbow in a twill weave.  This means that it is a thinner wrap, think khaki pants instead of jeans… it tightens well, and is very supportive without being cumbersome.  Even though it’s a bit big for my frame, it works well because the fabric is thin enough to wrap the extra around me.

There are many ways to make the FWCC work for you, if you need extra warmth and a full triple layer pass, if you prefer to have thin straps etc… you can easily loosen it to allow baby to nurse and tighten when you need to as well.  It’s the “home” of my wrapping world.

Have fun!


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