An open letter to my children…

Dear little one, these are the memories I hope to hold forever in my heart.  The sparkle in your eyes that makes stars appear dull, even hours past nap time has come and gone.  That genuine smile that puts life into the energy all around you. The whimsical wisps of hair that curl over the tops of your ears that I can never quite capture.  The innocence of your squishably soft skin.  The sweetness that just pours out of your toothless grin on your milky breath.  This is life.

You were just too adorable as you discovered that not only can  you shove your fingers up my nose, but you have fantastic finger holes on your own face as well!  We played today and your laugh changed my life, the same way it always does. You crawled over to me with such enthusiasm you couldn’t contain it and had to pause to duck your head and grin.  You wore socks today which is almost an abomination in this house, but it made you giggle and play with your toes through these silly things!

You figured out how to sit on your knees last week, bouncing and dancing to any music you hear (or make up in your head)… The joy of watching you learn and discover will never cease to cause my heart to sing right along with you.

You couldn’t handle playing alone while I cooked breakfast for everyone, so you sat on my hip, and from your perch in the sling, tasted everyone’s food for them before they did.  It was heavenly.  Your sweet little hands mixing in with everything around us, your precious coos and gurgles setting the soundtrack to the hubbub.

You discover and play to your heart’s content.  You are amazing.

You are independent… and determined.  You do not allow negative energy to stop you from your goals.  You find a way.  You make a way.  You are inventive. You are creative.  I am so proud of you and the person you are becoming every day.  I took great joy in watching you today, careful and attentive, getting a prized animal out of storage by yourself… You did a great job putting everything back where it went.

I appreciate you taking great care to work through the puzzle of pulling bikes an baby seats out of the shed one at a time and you didn’t get discouraged.  You persevered.  You accomplished what you set out to accomplish with nothing more than a verbal okay from me.

You set off to go play with your friends, off school long before them, and with plenty of time to pursue the things closest to your heart, you paid attention to the rules.  You are not invisible.  Your heart is precious.  I hope that as you grow, your heart remains as pure and sweet as it is now.  The world needs more people like you.

No letter to my sweet babies could be complete without including these sweet pups… the memories in this home all wrap around them… getting excited every time we receive company.  You are always ready with smiling faces and wagging tails to greet me in the mornings as I make the coffee.  You don’t hold a grudge, and are ever eager to help clean up any scraps off the floor 🙂  Our home would not be a home without you…

I watched you with determination as you pushed through not only your seventh grade studies, but put in extra hours afterwards and pushed through eighth grade work as well.  I am proud of all you accomplish and your driving spirit will take you far.  Your passion for knowledge is contagious, and I am so humbled by you every day.  I watched as you cracked jokes with your brothers, being the only one your age can be tough, but you relate to everyone on their own level, seamlessly.  I cannot imagine my life without you.  You are phenomenal.

My sweet child, your heart is so gentle.  I hope I never forget sharing these early mornings when it is just the two of us doing French together before everyone else wakes up.  I adore your zeal for all things electronic.  Your sense of style, your untameable hair, your hilarious sense of humor, everything about you is unique.  Your desire for everyone around you to be accepted and to feel wanted is a great asset to you, and you leave people all around you feeling better about who they are simply for being who you are.  You are so incredible, such a perfect little one.  I am so blessed to get to snuggle with you every day.

Your riotous laughter over the onomatopoeia’s in the story we read was enchanting.  If all of the things fall into the puddle with a glub, glub, glub, that would be just fine with me.  You never cease to amaze me with your determined and hard working spirit.  The things you find to play are so creative. You always find a way to have fun.  I adore you.  I wish to carry your laughter with me forever.

As you tackled Daddy on the couch to climb over him and get to me, you crashed. Hard.  Your sweet self snuggling into mine as the entire house calms to the rhythm of your sweet little sighs … sending you off to sleep, even if for only a short time.

The first thing in the morning- just the two of us moments that I get to share with you… I pray that I never take them for granted, and always appreciate how sacred they are.  I know years from now, I will wake early, wishing and hoping that I could see your smiling face….. I hope to never waste a single opportunity for these snaggle toothed grins and silly dream retelling.

I hope that the world over could find as much joy in simple objects as you do, my child.  You spend hours manipulating objects to learn about them.  You have no preconceived notions.  You simply have joy.  Every little thing brings you joy.  Your sweet nature is so beautiful, it brightens everything around you.

As you lay here sleeping, I can see the details, the sweat beads on your nose, the softly tufting hair swirling on top of your once busy head rests, rustling only in the gentle breeze coming through the house on this cooler than usual day.  Your eyelashes that never quit.. They are sweetly covering your baby blue eyes, so full of wonder and excitement, calmly charging up for the next whirlwind moments of discovery.

Thank you.  Thank you for showing me who you are.  For letting me in, for letting me be part of it.  Thank you for being you.  You are amazing.  I love you, no matter who you are, what you do, what you become, where you go.  I love you.

I pray that I never forget these precious moments.


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