Catching up

I like to believe that my readers are really just a bunch of old friends, and understand where I am in life… So just like writing a letter to a friend, I’m just going to try and pick up this blog and blow the dust off and keep on writing… It works better for me than trying to write everything that has gone on in the last year and trying not to foget anything  It just ain’t going to happen… Let’s face it.

Today was hard.  Charity went from being a little sniffly to being SICK .. I mean really sick.  Took her to the doctor .. actually had plans to take Alasdair to the doctor for a little irritation on his pinky that I thought might be ringworm since that’s what I thought I had going on with my hand .. long story .. but no .. Right around lunchtime, Charity went into full blown asthma attack.  Crying, freaking out, turning purple, couldn’t breathe asthma attack.  She went from totally fine, begging me to read another chapter in Narnia and bouncing around the living room to having a fever of 103, not even able to walk to the car by lunch.

Verdict? Strep Throat, (yay! garlic kills that, easy enough) Sinus infection (oh guess what? garlic for that too!) …

I wanted to keep a rescue inhaler on hand for her too, since we haven’t kept one around for her for YEARS, but instead, the pediatrician asked me to start her back on Singulair.  That is NOT happening.  The list of side effects are just not something I can stomach putting into my sweet baby girl.

What a day.  Washed the diapers (THANK GOD for my washer and dryer!) dealt with all the schooling and doctor issues, and am now beat.

On the cute factor, today Kyle played Mario Kart on the Wii with Domi and Charity.  I’m hoping his eye-hand coordination improves over time, but he LOVED it! SO sweet.

I also made sunscreen.  Boy does it smell delicious!  If I ever run out, I’ll make a tutorial for it, it was super easy and really fun too.  It makes a fantastic rash cream as well, for diaper rash, or this thing I have going wrong with my hand.

Ok.. speaking of my hand.  Apparently I have nummular eczema.  Blargh. I swore it was ring worm.  I tried everything to get it to go away… which successfully made it worse- tea tree oil, ACV, soaking it in epsom salts, keeping it dry, not putting lotion on it etc… it only spread. BADLY.  So it went from a small patch on one of my knuckles to completely wrapping three of my fingers on my right hand in itchy, scaly, oozing, ring shaped sores. Searing pain.  I cannot even begin to describe it. It would wake me out of a deep sleep at 2 am trying to claw my fingers off… As I sat rocking the baby in the dappled sunlight on my porch, I would consider amputation just to be able to relish the moments I was having with my baby without worrying about the damn itching and pain.  All three of the knuckles on the fingers that were affected swelled, cracked, and were in so much pain, constantly.  Washing my hands (which moms do about a thousand times a day) was painful.  Hot water to wash dishes was painful.  Anything that required my hands was very painful and made me push off doing things.  It hurt just to hold on to anything.

So that was today… I finally have an answer about the finger and skin issue… and the good news is, it’s not contagious! It just means I’m high maintenance 😦 We need to get a water filtration system on our house again ASAP, for laundry, dishes, and the sake of my skin …


Beginning June 1st, I will be doing a 365 day challenge on wrapping! I’m excited to be able to blog daily about babywearing… I wear him every day anyway, I just want to document this part of Alasdair’s childhood… it will go so quickly, I’m sure.


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