DDL Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 7~ Summing Up

Well, time for the final thoughts on this challenge! 

I have a few categories my thoughts chunk into; what I’ve learned, what I would do differently, if this is a viable option for me/other people on a regular basis, how I can make it easier?

What I’ve learned?

From participating in this challenge, I’ve learned that I AM capable of accepting and completing a challenge (and this was, indeed, a challenge for me).  I’ve also learned that it’s good to have fun with a challenge.

I tried to keep my attitude one that pushed me on to continue, but I kept in the back of my mind that I had at my disposal the ability to just go back to what works for us. It kept the stress WAY down, and while I did have to beef up my stash a bit mid week, I found that the knowledge that if it was too tough I could back out and gave it a good try were very comforting. 

Giving myself permission to quit actually helped me finish the challenge! 

I also HATE line dried stiffness. Even with the gorgeous wind we have had, I still need that 20 minutes of tumbling on no heat to fluff up my diapers. I miss it. Can I get by without? Yes, but if I were to do that full time, I would only do bamboo jersey flats, not a single woven or flannel diaper. The stretchy ones were the only ones that didn’t get stuff.

What I would do differently?

I would definitely set my diaper changing area up a little differently if this were my every day reality. Things would be much easier if I had all the diapers together, since there are no sizes with flats, if one diaper is clean, then it doesn’t matter who needs changing!

I get a little panicked when I don’t have clean diapers stacked and a few for the diaper bag! I definitely will be stocking up on more flats for next years challenge when I will still have two kids in flats! 

At least a few more overnight solutions, I will definitely be ordering a few yards of bamboo loop terry to make some flats out of do an overnight solution. 

Stress is a huge trigger for me, and feeling like I HAVE to wash diapers right this second makes me uncomfortable. I was able to plan ahead and I washed Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Doing every second day with two kids was TOUGH! Washing out more than 2 dozen diapers by hand really tested me. My back aches after wringing and agitating. I found Saturday’s laundry much more doable with only 16 diapers to wash.

Is this a viable option? 

I think for one kid in diapers, yes. I think that if it were my reality, I would still do it with two kids in diapers if I had absolutely no option for laundry machines. Washing was the most time consuming, I actually line dry my diapers usually, and they dry faster coming out of my washer because they spin out a bit more water! 

But then I also tumble them for a few minutes to soften them back up before I fold them. I love fluffy flats!

If I were living in an apartment, or without access to an outdoor drying space, it would be much more difficult. 

It is DEFINITELY doable when we go camping, especially if I just wash every morning while I make breakfast!


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