DDL Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 6 ~ favorite folds

So now we come to the part of the challenge where I get to talk about how we fold our flats. 

This little cutie is wearing a kite folded receiving blanket. 

We start with our flats stacked up all nice and neat. 

Then I fold the bottom right corner up about a third …

Then I cross the top left corner across so that I have that “kite” shape …

Fold the middle point down towards the bottom point…

Then the bottom left corner up to as far as I need for the rise on Alasdair – I need about 16 inches 

At this point, you can jelly roll, on the baby, but I like to stack them ready to be grabbed and go in the diaper bag etc so I fold them in thirds like a prefold

And the other side

Then I fold in half, up from the bottom…

To put them on, I basically do an angel wing from this and snappi it or pin it in place. 

The reason this works so well for us is that if I give a little tug on the last triangle and adjust the rise .. Even when it’s already on the baby 🙂 Since I’m diapering two very different sized kiddos, it’s really nice to fold them all to the same size and stack them in the diaper changer baskets.

I have tried a bunch of other folds and keep coming back to this one!


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