DDL Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 4 ~ Out And About! How do you travel with flats on errands?

WHEW! What a day for this post… Today we are talking about traveling with flat diapers and running errands.

One thing about this challenge that I needed to be absolutely certain about was that I wanted to be sure that using flats wouldn’t take me away from my family.  Everything has to get scheduled around here and time must be carefully carved out- whether it’s returning text messages and phone calls, checking the mail, taking the trash out, washing diapers etc…

So far, this week we went to my 11 yr old’s county track meet from 9-2 30 minutes away from home, then played with some friends until 4 on Tuesday.  Wednesday we left for therapy at 11, then had lunch, stopped off to buy tickets for the county fair, then went to the grocery store and the bank (and still had time to mow the overgrown patio area and do some waste removal before trash day today).  Today (Thursday), we got out by 8:20 and went to the county fair, then home and back out twice (forgot things from the grocery store).  I can’t even remember what we did on Monday, that was too long ago.

Here’s us at the fair:


I prep all of my flats so that the changes are easy peasy.  It’s absolutely no difference to me between flats and disposables.  Changing my monster 6 yr old special needs little guy who has thighs of steel and always clenches them together somehow is REALLY tough… that combined with the fact that he has outgrown wall mount diaper changing weight limits means that we have to change in the trunk of the van.  It’s flat and we have a nice cushy changing area there for him.  It works pretty well.  I keep my diaper bag close by and just toss the used ones in the wet bag and go… If I go in somewhere longer than an hour (that I might need to change diapers during) I take it with me and loop it over the handle of the stroller or the wheelchair, whichever we have. It is handy to have when we need wipes or diaper changes.

I kite fold everything (more on different folds this week) so that everything lines up nicely in the diaper bag… I also like that for my situation, the kite fold will easily fit my little Alasdair and with only a tiny little tug, grows enough to fit Kyle, so unlike our fitteds that are definitely sized and I need to take the right amount for each kid.

So here’s a picture of our “after”… I tend to take too many diapers with me (1 per kid per 2 hour window of us being out of the house).  Kyle only needs changing every 3 hours, and Alasdair just gets a fresh diaper whenever we unwrap before we rewrap or if he is getting ready for a nap.

IMG_3350I have the wet bag on the floor so you can see, but everything fits in the diaper bag for two kids for a full day out.  When we left, the wet bag was rolled up and the bag was full of diapers.  In 6 hours out with the kids, we went through 3 diaper changes for the baby (3 flats) and two for Kyle (4 flats- his are doubled).  It worked really well for us, and didn’t change anything or slow us down.

In general, cloth diapering just fits into our lifestyle, it’s cozy, soft, and a natural way to diaper our children.  Bringing home diapers at the end of an excursion isn’t troublesome, and I never have to stop and look for a bathroom to throw away the dirty diapers ..

I’m finding though that I am running out of diapers more quickly than I wanted to be, and the other thing about this challenge is that I’m not limiting myself to the things that I started with.  I have added in another 10 receiving blanket flats, for a total of 32 flats.  We triple up for Kyle overnight (still leaked even with a PUL cover and wool) and used the bamboo velour flat for Alasdair.

I also added in another 2 covers for our rotation (so a total of 10 PUL covers, 5 for each kiddo).

I think that’s about it for now.


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