DDL Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 2: What’s in your stash?

So many times I hear the question “what’s the best cloth diaper?” Or “where do I start?” Or “what do you use?”

The answer can be as varied as the number of persons on our planet. Really.

So for this challenge, I’m using the following.

I have 7 stretchy bamboo jersey flats made from just cutting material into 30×30 squares in the top basket on the left. On the right of the same basket, I have 7 receiving blankets purchased on Amazon (2 packs of 5 for 17.99) and a goodwill flannel receiving blanket I got for .25. On the right I have 5 flannel reviving blankets that cost $6.00 for four on clearance at my local walmart.

I am also using some scraps of bamboo velour as doublers and made two bamboo velour flats out of a yard of fabric I had lying around.

In front is my normal basket of covers. For this challenge I have limited myself to 2 covers per day per kid (so 4 daytime covers) and 1 overnight wool cover which I washed and lanolized Monday morning in prep for wearing for the challenge.

The covers I’m using for my big special needs boy are 2 real nappies (on Amazon for 9.99 ) and 2 bummis pull on  ($7.95 from GMD). I am using a one size rumparooz cover ($16)for my little guy, 2 Thirsties Duo size ( 12.95 ea) 1, and a bumkins one size cover(9.95).

My wool getting ready for a bath^

So total for 2 kids is 8 daytime covers, 2 nighttime wool covers, 7 stretchy flats, 16 receiving blanket flats, 2 Flour Sack Towels, and one bamboo velour flat. I may have to add more later on in the week depending on how heavy my kids are wetting, and if I can’t wash every other day.

All in? This stash cost me $195.00 for two kids in very different sizes. (I am not counting my found materials as free, but the actual price paid too so that it is included.

**add on- what do I wish was in my stash?**

A few large bamboo flats from either diaper junction or nicki’s. For overnight, these would be fantastic! 4 Sbish or orange baby company bamboo loop square flats for overnight.

Today was very busy getting all 5 kids out of the house for Gracie’s track meet this morning, and we were gone for the whole day. We made it home around 4, just in time for dinner and bed.

I’m determined to not let this challenge change my parenting or take me from my family! Always making sure to get some time outide …

**Edited on day 5**

I need to add that after leaving the house, only having the ability to wash every other day (I was planning on washing every day, but that’s not happening, just like I’m not going to the gym every day.  Every other day is fine 🙂 ), I had to add into my stash.

By the end of the challenge, my stash consists of


10 luvable friends receiving blankets (amazon) $19.98

8 Garanimals receiving blankets (walmart) $12.00

2 Printed Flour Sack Towels (walmart) $6

7 Stretchy Flats (naturesfabric.com) $21

6 receiving blankets (found) FREE

2 bamboo velour flats (naturesfabric.com) $13

6 organic osocozy flats (clothdiaper.com) $11


2 Real Nappies Toddler covers $20

3 Bummis Pull on Pants $24

2 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap $24

2 Thirsties Duo $26

2 Bumkins OS snap $20

1 Rumparooz OS $16

1 disana wool soaker $27

1 Home made wool soaker $6

1 Blueberry Coverall $19


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