DDL Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 1: Why I’m participating


My gosh, what a loaded question, why do I support this challenge…. I’ll try to keep to the prompt and not elaborate too much.

1~To raise awareness that cloth diapering can be done on any budget.

There are parents out there who are drying out disposable diapers and reusing them.  There are parents out there who have to choose between food for the week and being able to diaper their child.  It shouldn’t be like this.

2~To pull me back from the edge of materialism and rekindle my minimalist roots.

I adore cloth diapering.  I am passionate about it.  It is happy for me.  It is a safe, non-commercial way to give what I believe is the best to my sweet little beans. But oh my goodness, can it get elaborate and addictive.  I have seen diapers sell for $40-50 EACH diaper, and being able to show someone how to diaper their child from birth to potty training for around $100.

3~To get me out of a rut.

Last year, we moved cross country from Baltimore, MD to Willows, CA… I had to handwash the laundry for 6 of us ( I was still pregnant with Jelly Bean) and dry it out in our back yard.  WHAT A JOB!  From July through October, I dutifully washed, dried, and folded the laundry for 6 people.  If I kept up with doing it every day, I got into a pretty decent habit of getting it done in about an hour a day.  (1.5 hours if I had a load of towels or sheets to do which was twice a week).  This included diaper laundry for my then 6 yr old who has special needs.

Since then, I had a baby, got a washer and dryer and became L.A.Z.Y.  just plain old lazy.  I love the simplicity of starting the washer, switching it once, and just folding clothes freshly tumbled out of the dryer… there is something so easy about it.  In keeping up with a newborn, a 6 yr old, an 8 yr old, a 9 yr old and an 11 yr old, it just became all I could do to remember to start the laundry every day.  The spit up cloths alone added an extra load to our week, let alone all the shirts I have gone through in the name of smelling halfway decent and not like baby puke…

I digress. I have a million and one reasons I have chosen to not handwash all of my diapers (I have, however continued to cloth diaper and I have not used a single disposable diaper on Jelly Bean .. who is now 6 months old). While I have still line dried my diapers for the most part (since that part is fairly easy in Northern California dry heat), I hope that this pushes me to get back outdoors for a little while each day and enjoy the work it requires.

4~To remind myself that this can be done (and should be done)

Hopefully soon, we are embarking on the second part of this journey across the country and finding a piece of land to homestead on.  When that happens, I’m sure that we will most likely be handwashing our clothes for a while until we get things up and running.  Under no circumstances do I want this to be permission for me to use chemical laden disposable diapers on my little buggers when I can absolutely hand wash.

I am also planning a few camping trips coming up soon, and I would like them to be able to be spontaneous and fun… which may mean no access to stores or amazon to purchase responsibly made compostable diapers!

Of course, no blog post would be complete without a few pictures of flats in action 🙂

Here is Alasdair, he is 6 months old, 16 lbs, 26.5 inches tall, wearing a flour sack towel from Walmart with a fishy print on it.  You really can find diapering materials anywhere you try.



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