Getting away from society…

I have been trying to put a finger on what exactly I have been trying to get away from until this article popped up in my news feed on Facebook.

Tipping…. What a mess. It used to be that one would tip on service that was exceptionally well done. What it is supposed to be.

Let’s JUST take the restaurant business. In a single restaurant, they pay (in our area) around 2000-3000$ in rent every month for small restaurants, in addition to having to also pay another $1500 in electric bills.

Let’s call it $4000 per month. They have other overhead charges such as the actual franchise costs, the salary of the manager, and paying the restaurant staff a fair wage etc to consider, but in what world should the person working the front desk be required to live off of tips?

The price of the food and the service should not be a factor in my tip. My tip should be a “bonus” on a job well done, and not tipping should signal the person that they need to step it up.

Seriously, I can make an entire organic meal, completely free of GMOs for my family for a fraction of what it costs to eat out (even at a cheap franchise). So don’t try to tell me that it REALLY costs me 10.95 for a burger and fries (yes, even all you can eat fries). The money spent on a single meal for my family, could easily pay a waiter or waitress, busboy, restaurant staff, and manager’s salary, as well as putting money towards overhead.

But no. Our society is one that is so incredibly full of greed and deceit that we are robbing the working class of everything that is right in the world. The top 1%…. It’s the model of people climbing on other’s backs to get a leg up in the world. Of making something of themselves without caring about who gets hurt in the process.

Why do we have to do this?


5 thoughts on “Getting away from society…

  1. Truth is, servers don’t make a lot of money. They get tipped poorly by cheap people. Both my daughters were servers who went out of their way to help, get drinks, food out on time, etc. People spending over a $100, table of 5-6 and they got a $10 tip. If the restaurant industry moves toward a “no tipping” policy, we wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a meal. Most servers average only $10 an hour, and can be less on a night with no customers $5 an hour.

  2. Oh I know! The problem is because they NEED to move towards a no tipping policy… In that they NEED to cut their profits. Climbing on the backs of those responsible for the face of the company and not paying them what they are worth is cruel, yet completely normal in society.

    If all the servers just decided to quit one day, not a single restaurant would be in business. THAT, is what I think it would take for a wake up call for most of these businesses!

  3. The servers should be paid at the very least minimum wage, and be able to take tips on top of that, and their tips should not be shared…. They should not be tipping bus boys or bartenders. Unless they WANT to and feel like they earned it.

  4. In Europe, at least where I lived, wait staff is a career and salaried. A livable salary. You don’t tip. Maybe round up the bill. I feel very sorry for the first few waitresses I had when I came to the states. I didn’t realize one had to leave a tip on the table for them.

  5. Yep. Pick think Americans are so weird lol.

    It should be normal to support people in all walks of life, without them, our society wouldn’t be what it is, and everyone should be free to pursue their passions and strengths without being judged by it.

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