Pulled BBQ… A favorite

I think probably once every few weeks at least, we eat pulled BBQ something or other.

Chicken, pork, or beef does not seem to matter around here, so log as it is slow cooked to perfection.



For chicken, I like to take the random frozen chicken pieces I have lying around (I don’t like cooking more for dinner than I need, so I often have 1-2 single chicken breasts or thigh cuts lying around in my freezer) and stick them in my small crock pot overnight on low with 8oz water and a little cumin and garlic.

Around lunch, I drain off the broth (the dogs love this part), mix in some of our favorite BBQ sauce, and serve on fresh sourdough or a nice bed of spinach leaves.

This packs well for lunch for Stephen to take with him if I just pack the bread or wrap separately, tastes just as good cold as hot!

This is also excellent to take on a picnic too, we took it to the MD Science Center the other day and it is so nice to have a one dish meal to take with us that is better for you than cold cuts.

🙂 As always – Keep Smiling!


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