Month: April 2014

Getting away from society…

I have been trying to put a finger on what exactly I have been trying to get away from until this article popped up in my news feed on Facebook.

Tipping…. What a mess. It used to be that one would tip on service that was exceptionally well done. What it is supposed to be.

Let’s JUST take the restaurant business. In a single restaurant, they pay (in our area) around 2000-3000$ in rent every month for small restaurants, in addition to having to also pay another $1500 in electric bills.

Let’s call it $4000 per month. They have other overhead charges such as the actual franchise costs, the salary of the manager, and paying the restaurant staff a fair wage etc to consider, but in what world should the person working the front desk be required to live off of tips?

The price of the food and the service should not be a factor in my tip. My tip should be a “bonus” on a job well done, and not tipping should signal the person that they need to step it up.

Seriously, I can make an entire organic meal, completely free of GMOs for my family for a fraction of what it costs to eat out (even at a cheap franchise). So don’t try to tell me that it REALLY costs me 10.95 for a burger and fries (yes, even all you can eat fries). The money spent on a single meal for my family, could easily pay a waiter or waitress, busboy, restaurant staff, and manager’s salary, as well as putting money towards overhead.

But no. Our society is one that is so incredibly full of greed and deceit that we are robbing the working class of everything that is right in the world. The top 1%…. It’s the model of people climbing on other’s backs to get a leg up in the world. Of making something of themselves without caring about who gets hurt in the process.

Why do we have to do this?


Pulled BBQ… A favorite

I think probably once every few weeks at least, we eat pulled BBQ something or other.

Chicken, pork, or beef does not seem to matter around here, so log as it is slow cooked to perfection.



For chicken, I like to take the random frozen chicken pieces I have lying around (I don’t like cooking more for dinner than I need, so I often have 1-2 single chicken breasts or thigh cuts lying around in my freezer) and stick them in my small crock pot overnight on low with 8oz water and a little cumin and garlic.

Around lunch, I drain off the broth (the dogs love this part), mix in some of our favorite BBQ sauce, and serve on fresh sourdough or a nice bed of spinach leaves.

This packs well for lunch for Stephen to take with him if I just pack the bread or wrap separately, tastes just as good cold as hot!

This is also excellent to take on a picnic too, we took it to the MD Science Center the other day and it is so nice to have a one dish meal to take with us that is better for you than cold cuts.

🙂 As always – Keep Smiling!

Friends & Farms CSA week 4.. vegetarian

So the last few weeks, we have purchased the large basket from Friends and Farms, and while we have been very satisfied, we haven’t found the need for so much meat, while at the same time feeling as though we need to supplement our vegetarian proteins in other ways.

So this week, we opted for the Vegetarian basket instead.

I ordered a few extras this week:
1 Whole Chicken
1 Dozen Free Range Eggs
1 Gallon Whole Milk
1 Apple Butter (19 oz)
2 lbs Split Peas
2 lbs Red Beans

I paid 32.00 for these “extra” items, and I had some apples added in to make up for the apples we got last week that were conventionally grown.

The rest was included in our vegetarian share this week.



Here’s this week’s line up:
1 lb popcorn
1 lb green lentils
1 lbs Scottish oatmeal
1 dozen eggs (we ordered the other one extra)
1 lb frozen broccoli
1 lb frozen butternut squash puree
5 red skinned potatoes
4 big honey crisp apples
3 big bunches of Kale
9 big carrots
8 oz colby jack cheese
1/2 gallon milk (+ 1/2 gallon 2%)
1 bag fresh mushrooms
1 big bag spinach
1 head bibb lettuce

There was a small mix up as to our milk this week, we have opted out of their weekly milk share and instead get extra cheese, and that wasn’t noted. We instead got the weekly share of milk, and they didn’t have marked our extra gallon that was purchased, so we will instead be getting our extra cheese and other half gallon of milk at next week’s pick up. They kindly offered to bring it out to me right away, but I declined, not wanting to waste them time, money or gas all the way out here.

So we got AMAZING drinkable yogurt this week, Mango Peach. Not too sweet, not too sour, organic…. I cannot say enough awesome things about this, I LOVE it. I imagine it will make fantastic smoothie pops too.

Next week’s menu highlights include

Pasta E Figioli, Sweet Potato Pie, Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, Homemade Mac & Cheese, Pulled BBQ Pork, and Quiona and Black Bean Salad…

🙂 Happy Eating!

Chilled Oatmeal


What to do when you have no ideas for breakfast and leftover yogurt?

1/2 cup Lemon yogurt
1Tbsp Raspberry Jam
1/2 cup Oatmeal
2Tbsp Milk
Mix all ingredients in a glass jar and allow to chill for 2-3 days…. Fabulous!