So I finally came up with decisions for our family this year.

The bulk of our food will come from either Flying Plow Farm, or Stoney Run Farm, both located in Rising Sun, MD. Both are very close to Kilby Cream, my beloved dairy where I will stop weekly when I go for our food pick up and pick up our milk that I love. (glass bottles RULE!)

Eggs will come from either of the farms, since they all have chickens… at least until our chickens are laying (hopefully sometime this winter)…

My plan is basically to cook double of just about everything I can throughout the summer (soups, stews, etc) and to put away enough canned and frozen fruits and veggies to stock for the winter this coming year. I *may* need a second freezer just for meat — more details on that in a moment.

I currently have a large chest freezer that was about half full with our cow last year. I keep a 25lb bag of a few different flours in the freezer as well since I cannot guarantee how dry they stay anywhere else (or bug free! working on that too..)

We plan on buying a pig this year, curing our own hams and bacon (without nitrates/nitrites), buying another cow, and hoping to cut our food bill down for the winter season.

The CSAs we are doing provide between 22 and 26 weeks of food, meaning I have an additional 26-30 weeks to think about. When the next slaughters take place, I will be taking inventory of cuts of meat and being a little more able to plan out meals for the off months.

I am working on re-organizing the basement shelves in order to store enough food for the season, which as close as I can figure involves the following list to be a “well stocked pantry”:

24 quart jars of marinara sauce
16 quart jars of diced tomatoes
10 pint jars of Apple Butter
12 pint jars of carrots
12 pint jars of beets
12 pint jars of green beans
12 quart jars of apple sauce
5 pint jars pickles
4 pint jars strawberry preserves
4 pint jars raspberry jam
6 quart jars of pumpkin puree
12 quart jars of zucchini
12 pint jars of peas
8 quart jars of apple pie filling
8 quart jars of berry pie filling
12 quart jars of peaches
12 quart jars of potatoes
12 quart jars of sweet potatoes

The freezer will also need to be stocked for 26-30 weeks:
10 lbs corn
10 lbs peas
10 lbs broccoli
10 lbs carrots
10 lbs raspberries
15 lbs strawberries
8 lbs peaches
10 lbs celery

Dry storage will need to have:
30 lbs potatoes
30 lbs onions
15 bulbs garlic
alternative grains
dried beans, peas

I’m kind of having fun planning this all out, and will definitely update as I make progress, change plans, get more of a certain crop, or get myself organized 🙂


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