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  1. The only thing that actually got Kyle OFF only the amino acids was Master Supplements Probiotics, Enzymes, and Fiber… We had to heal his gut before he could eat anything, his eosinophil levels were through the roof 😦

  2. They have flavored formula, but it’s still nasty – EO28 splash is the best tasting one so far. We see dr Au Yeung, have seen MANY, but honestly none of them were able to help us, we had to seek alternative therapies to get anywhere

  3. We have an appt with Dr Woods on April 15. We’ve been seeing Dr Mogul for GI. He’s been really nice and communicates directly through mychart, but he told me that honestly they don’t see eosinophilic gastritis in kids. I looked up medical literature and there is nothing on it. There are some things on eosinophilic esophagitis which probably apply, but still… It’s killing me to see him so sick and nothing seems to help. Maybe the formula will… If he can keep it down.

  4. It is nasty. I’m so heartbroken for poor Jaydon 😦 yep. ky has Eosinophilic Esophagitis and gastritis, it’s a weird combo. Honestly I haven’t been confident in the docs treatment plans because there is so little information out there.

    The book “what’s eating your child” is pretty awesome, I have a copy you may borrow next time I see you if you want to read it. It is a very nice read for balancing the gut.

    I can also give you a couple juice boxes of each flavor of the EO28 splash, it’s kind of expensive and only available by the case, so if it’s a flavor he hates, you get stuck with it 😦

    Kyle finally is having clean scopes, and his eosinophil level is down to “acceptable” levels at around 2-5 (which are probably due to environmental exposure vs ingesting)… vs as high as they have been was a little over 100! (Ideal is 0)

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