St Patty’s Day, Spring, and CSA- week 2

So last week I showed you what we picked up in our CSA, I will do so again when I get home to take photos (last night was a bit rushed as I had a big date with my 7 year old!)

We had a few special meals last week, and had fun creating menus to use up all the fresh produce- it is DEFINITELY true that if you have stuff around, it encourages you to eat it!

I boiled two of the turnips for Kyle’s squishy pouches (will not be pictured), and made a few salads for myself (also not pictured), and juices.

If I get coordinated enough, I will take a few pics through the week, but usually I am doing these things between 4-6 am after Stephen gets off to work. please read as – before coffee, breakfast, and sunlight

Last Thursday I was like a kid in a candy store! No, seriously. I could not have been any more impressed with my initial impression of Friends and Farms than if I hand picked all of the items myself!

To add in tasty recipe recommendations too is just such a nice touch, it spurs creativity, and helps me get ideas that pull me out of my “box”.

So, back to the food…

Thursday night, I had a garden salad with oil and vinegar while everyone else had grilled cheese and tomato bisque. Pretty American… What can I say, it was a rushed evening and I needed food quickly.

Friday was Pi day!!!!!

the need in me comes out

We went to the MD Science Center and participated in a host of events and activities from pie eating, to Pi-lympics, to Pi recitation 🙂



At the end of that fun filled day, we came home and cooked the country ribs we picked up Thursday night along with fresh cornbread, squash, and cabbage slaw.

I slow cooked the ribs in a covered dish with BBQ sauce at 275 for 2 hours, then broiled for 10 minutes uncovered to crisp the outer edges. Sliced red cabbage with a little rice wine vinegar, celery salt and mayonnaise made for a delicious slaw! (Note- toss the cabbage in vinegar and allow to rest 10 minutes to mellow out the crunchiness and bring it to a crispy state) Mmmmm!


Saturday this week was the Ides of March, we had Roman Cake, leftovers for lunch, and Chicken Romano with Pasta Aglio e Olio. Perfect day!


I used the split chicken breasts and tossed the bones into the crock pot with an onion, carrot, celery, sea salt and black pepper and let it cook through until Sunday- nothing goes to waste! (I also hate purchasing broth- it’s basically water and discarded food waste made into a tasty infusion base for so much that we make!)

Sunday we really spent the day relaxing, it was a nice break.

Monday was St Pattys Day!!!! We also got about 7 inches of snow!!!!! Woo hoo! We had traditional Irish porridge for breakfast, with cream served on the side to get that warm comfort with the cool bite of cream in every bite 😉

Lunch was shamrock shaped ravioli, filled with Irish cheese and a basil pesto Alfredo sauce and fresh fruit!


For dinner, we tried two of the recipes suggested by Friends and Farms here. They update their current recipes with the week’a basket, so this page is constantly changing.

This week, we did the pork hock stew as well as the colcannon… I did change minor things about the recipes, I added in a few extra veggies to the stew, and did not strain my milk for the colcannon.

Of course we topped it off with Irish Soda Bread 🙂


The rest of the week was uninteresting.

Tuesday was grilled chicken (boneless, skinless organic from wegmans) with Alexia Waffle Fries and salad on the side .. I hope to be completely away from eating meat from grocery stores by this time next month- we shall see .. We put lettuce, shredded turnip and tomato- all from our CSA -into our salads.

Wednesday night we had to improvise, I forgot to buy split peas, so I made lamb stew instead. I usually empty my freezer out of all the mostly used bags of frozen veggies and leftover brown rice when I need an improvised dinner- sweet potatoes, turnips, potato, carrot, green pepper, onion, brown rice, chicken stock, lamb stew cubes, a little rosemary, and there you have it.

What a week!

Next post will include this week’s CSA pick up, their awesome people, what we are making next week, and how these steps are changing our lives!


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