Details – week 2

So this week our CSAgave us the following awesome line up!

br />

Wow! Look at that!

We got:
1 Big Bunch Cilantro
3 Red Onions
4 Green Peppers
9 Turnips
4 Sweet Potatoes
13 Apples
1 head Bibb Lettuce
Big Bag Spinach
12 Roma Tomatoes
3 Jalepenos
2 HUGE bunches of Radishes
2 Big bunches of Swiss Chard
2 lbs of frozen corn
3.5 lbs of Split Chicken Breasts
2 lbs of Tri Tip Sliced Steak
1 Qt of Lemon Yogurt
1 Qt of Goat’s Milk
1/2 lb of White Cheddar Cheese

Exciting to figure out what to do.

Menu plan is as follows:
Friday 3/21- Cereal, Rice Cakes, Apples, Trail Mix, Beef Jerky, Calzones (Braised Radishes
Saturday 3/22- Pancakes, Eggs, and Bacon, Leftovers, and Rustic Radish Soup
Sunday 3/23-Cinnamon Raisin Muffins, Leftovers, Pasta Fresca
Monday 3/24- Cereal, Chicken Salad, Shredded Tri Tip Tacos
Tuesday 3/25- Granola Bars, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Pot Pie
Wednesday 3/26- chilled oatmeal, veggie stew, Mac and cheese
Thursday 3/27- quiche, chicken strips, stuffed peppers (rescheduled from last week due to last minute changes)

Should be a glorious week, with highs in the 70s, and also some snow 🙂

Here are some more close up photos from this weeks highlights- next up, time-saving prep work.









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