After all of the chaos this last year, it has caused me to rethink what is really, truly important in life.

We never tell people all about the amazing memory we have of that one time we watched TV together as a family, or played a video game… yet our actions are constantly defining who we are, and where we are going with our lives.

So I have thought more about my dreams, my dreams for me, my dreams for my children, and my dreams for the future.

When I looked at my life 10 years ago, I saw a put together family, with 6 kids. Little did I actually know what the details of life would do to life…. the details seem to get in the way.

My family related goals for the immediate future are:

~to do at least one spontaneously joyful thing each day (saying yes to that extra story, the game the kids want to play, listening to the kids “concert” on the tinkertoy band instruments, going to the park etc…

~posting at least a few pictures of each kid EVERY week. I have gone weeks, or even MONTHS without taking pictures, let alone posting them.

~NO processed foods. I do not consider ingredients to be processed at this time, i am not to the point where I have the tools to grind our own flour, or churn our own butter. My criteria is that the foods I purchase have real, whole ingredients in them.

~cooking WITH my kids – this is a byproduct of the former goal, but only recently have my children started capturing the joy in cooking and coming to share that experience with me. I absolutely adore cooking with them instead of only cooking for them.

My household goals for the immediate future are :

~doing one thing a day that goes “above and beyond” normal maintenance.. something that is one step closer to our remodel, something that is one step closer to clutter-free.

~meal planning every meal and making them… I have usually meal planned in the past, with great success, but invariably fall off the wagon and wind up in crunch town, making pizza, spaghetti, and fried chicken every single week… so on top of meal planning, I want to plan at least one meal from each category, each week that I have NEVER made before… This week is going to be refrigerator oatmeal for breakfast, colcannon for a side dish, pork hock stew for dinner, Roman Cake for dessert, and I haven’t settled on a good lunch idea yet.

~get our garden growing and actually can foods this year. I will have to purchase some more canning jars and a pressure canner, but I am bound and determined to have a working pantry/root cellar this coming year for the winter season with stores of tomatoes, carrots, turnips, green beans, apricots, peaches, etc as well as frozen stores of blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and peaches.

~get our yard prepped for more animals come next year. My goal is that by next spring, we will be set up for both chickens and goats, and be able to switch from ordering milk and eggs every week to having at least one milk goat and 4 hens laying by winter 2015. *ideally*.. it may take longer depending on how long it takes to get the fence repaired for goats, and enclosures and storage figured out for feed etc.

My personal goals that are ongoing are more fluid…they make me think..

~I want to act in a way that when my children think about me, they don’t have “bad” memories… yes, everyone has imperfections, but I want their overall experience to be AWESOME!!

~I want to enjoy childhood with them, camping, fishing, hiking, playing, discovering, eating delicious foods, creating, and learning.

~I want to keep my home clean enough that I am never embarrassed by someone popping over for a visit unannounced, and well enough stocked that I can provide a meal for a friend without much notice.

~I don’t want to raise my voice.. at all if possible, but certainly not on a regular basis.

I have come so far in my goals for my family and my home… I couldn’t have done any of it without the full support of my awesome husband…

I am moving out of the “school at home” mentality and into the “learning in your environment” one, now that all the older kids can read, add, and research, what we do with education is up to their desires… we are always looking for something new to get into, a new story, reason, or concept to master….

Let us never stop learning.


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