The weekend catch up

As most of my facebook friends know, my son Kyle was in the emergency room most of the day Friday.  (full story at  So my day took a little turn for the weird.  Here’s how most of my days start out.


Rainbow chard, spinach, Kale, Beet with greens attached, a few carrots, tomato and apple.

which turns conveniently into this :


Nutrient packed power house that doesn’t leave me groggy and crazy headed.

Then the kids had Macaroni and Cheese (Annie’s Organic) for lunch.  Miraculously, we finished school work (including catch up for missing Tuesday due to ER visit as well) by 11 am! Playroom was clean, so we were going to have a special cooking project day of mini cheesecakes in jars.

On our way to the store to pick up the ingredients for said cheesecakes, we got a call from the pediatrician to take Kyle in, so needless to say, the rest of the day was kaput!

Stephen took the kids from the ER to dinner at Chick Fil A (which we planned for the following day since we had errands to run nearby a chick fil a and it was requested by all of the kids).  I had another juice for dinner since I didn’t want to mess up the kitchen cooking when I finally got home around 8 pm.

Which brings us to Saturday… we all slept in a bit and I made a juice again 🙂


Then Stephen made some uncured bacon and eggs for breakfast for everyone (Stephen- over easy on toast with cheese & bacon, Grace and Domi- scrambled with cheddar (bacon on the side), Charity- egg white only with bacon on toast, and me- one egg over medium and one piece of bacon)

I forgot to take pictures, but it was delicious!

We wound up stopping by Panera, and I splurged just a bit and had a few pieces of toasty baguette with butter and a half of a Mediterranean veggie sandwich!

Then we went to a birthday party for dinner, the kids and Stephen had pizza and cake, I had some veggies and hummus, a few gluten free crackers, and some fresh fruit! YUM!

This brings me to Sunday…

Sunday is always tough.

This particular Sunday, the girls grabbed a quick bowl of cereal while I juiced (yes, it’s becoming a habit, I hope I can keep it up, I’m feeling GREAT) and we went shopping together.

We went to Kohls and MOM’s and Trader Joes.

Lunch was all the random leftovers from the fridge for the week, kind of our way of cleaning out the fridge without actually putting in any effort.

Grace had the rest of some Hunan Chicken with rice, Dominick had Orange Chicken with rice, Charity and Stephen had Chicken Pot Pie, and I had hummus and veggies and veggie squares:


I would’ve taken pictures of their lunches, but by the time I finished prepping everything, they were all done eating.

Except Charity, who takes forever to eat even her most favorite foods 😦 *sigh*

Friday night’s dinner was supposed to be Calzones.  Well, since everyone was upset about not having them, I made them for dinner Sunday.  I make my own dough, using the following

4 cups whole wheat flour

1 1/3 cups hot water (that’s one and one third, not 11 thirds)

2 packets dry yeast (4 1/2 tsp)

1 1/2 tsp salt

6 Tbsp Olive Oil.

3 tsp Sugar

Combine half the flour with the rest of the dry ingredients and stir until well mixed.  Gradually mix in remaining flour until soft ball is formed. (you can add rosemary, basil, oregano, and garlic at this point)

I knead it for about 5 minutes and let it rest for 10 before rolling it into crusts for pizza, strombolli, or calzones.

For our family, this makes 5 portions, 3 equal portions for kids, and 2 equal portions for adults.  I do this by dividing the dough in half, then in half again for the adults, and thirds for the kiddos.

Everyone picks what they want on it, my kids are boring, cheese and garlic and herbs.

I decided I didn’t want the bread, I’m trying my best to be gluten free since I know I’m sensitive to it.

So I had the peppers, onions, and broccoli, stir fried with a Tbsp of Olive oil and some herbs and spices to liven it up.


I added in Spinach & Grape tomatoes towards the last moments, and then dumped it on a plate while the calzones were cooking


Then I put some extra marinara sauce and mozzarella on top of the sauteed veggies, popped it in the oven for 5 minutes, and Voila! Gluten Free, Vegetarian Entree.  Boy was it good!


The kids and Stephen finished off the apple pie and Vanilla Ice cream.

YAY! That brings me current.

Today is Monday.  I loathe Mondays… Especially today.  We had a Dr. appointment at 8 am this morning, which means getting myself up at 6:30, dressed, and start working on getting everyone out the door.  I juiced, I made Stephen a tortilla stuffed with scrambled egg, cheese and ham, Grace had cereal, and Charity and Dominick ate Kashi Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars on our way to the dr. (because they really WERE dragging their feet that much).

Even after MULTIPLE prompts yesterday and Saturday, Charity’s leotard and tights were miraculously missing this morning **facepalm**

She wound up just dancing in tights and her clothes (skort and t shirt).  I had to run out the door so quickly this morning, I had no time to pull together a real lunch, so I took a banana, chocolate covered raisins, peanut butter pretzels, freeze dried strawberries and some triple ginger cookies with us to stave off the hunger pains until we got home.

Plans changed happily and we found ourselves out to lunch with an old friend and Daddy was able to join us too:) We went to noodles and company, and I had the indonesian peanut saute with rice pasta.  MMMMMM.

Tonight’s menu was supposed to be home made macaroni and cheese, but since we had pasta for lunch, I’m still wracking my brain to think of something.  I will definitely post later on what we figured out 🙂



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