Monday Morning Muffins


This morning was muffin morning, aside Daylight savings time being a pain to try to deal with, it went as easily as a monday morning could.

I got up with Stephen and we had “monster smoothies”, banana, kiwi, coconut milk, yogurt, kale, spinach & apple.

Grace made the muffins all by herself, then showered while they were baking 🙂 I am very proud of her for cleaning as she goes, she is definitely taking after her Daddy and me 🙂

We went to dance and had lunch at a very busy office with Daddy. Leftovers ruled today since they are taking over what is left of the fridge.  We STILL have leftover spaghetti and chinese food, but at least those aren’t too old.  Daddy will take the spaghetti for lunch tomorrow, and the chinese will be lunch for the rest of us.

The leftover pizza, beef stroganoff, one of the spaghetti’s, and the creamy potato soup are all consumed 🙂

It feels almost as good to have a cleaner fridge than it does to know that the food is not going to waste!

Tomorrow’s menu will have to be modified if we are stuck in clinic all day, but I’m going to try to throw minestrone soup in the crock pot before we leave for our appointment at 11.

Lunch will go with us, as well as afternoon snacks 🙂

Today was very productive, I know this isn’t a DIY/remodeling blog, but in the spirit of spring, we are purging! I took 5 boxes of stuff to good will, and a trunk full of bulk trash up to the dumpster… then I ripped down all the tape covering the ceiling in the dining room, finished *almost* all of the laundry, and took down some false wall studs that were exposed after removing some paneling a few months ago in the dining room.

After cleaning all that up, and folding the 7 loads of laundry, I’m ready to turn in early! Hopefully, Dominick will not have phantom bugs in his cast tonight keeping him (and me) up 3/4 of the night!



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