Eating Out


So this was our breakfast yesterday morning, I had a Naked Red Power Juice and a cup of tea.  Charity had French Toast, Domi had french toast, eggs, and potatoes, Gracie had eggs, potatoes, and bacon, and Daddy had a little of everything 🙂




My sweet Gracie eating breakfast.  I just love her short hair 🙂


We had lunch at IKEA as well, I had their chicken salad wrap… it was AMAZING… walnuts, apples, grapes, chicken breast, spinach and romaine lettuce all rolled up into a wrap.  and it wasn’t horribly heavy on the mayo either 😉

There was everything on our lunch table from ribs to mac and cheese… No one was really hungry for dinner, so the kids had a leftover slice of pizza before heading to bed.

When we got home, two of the dogs needed baths, Grace’s bed had to be disassembled and her new mattress is sitting on the floor for now, we are waiting for the new bed rails to come in from Sweeden.  I managed to run through 5 loads of laundry before I crapped out.  The dogs run in the basement needed to be cleaned, and some things needed organization.  My bed needed to be changed, and some things needed cleaning/tidying up.  Then Kyle threw up everywhere and that needed to be handled too.

Side note about budgeting.  We run a list on the app from IKEA for things that we want or need.  Grace NEEDED a new mattress which was 80$… Dominick and Charity NEEDED sheets, which were 5.99 each, and for 4 (so there is always one to change) that was 24$.  That alone put our total over 100$, and waiting for IKEA to have an “eat for free” event meant that we are saving somewhere…

Our pizza purchase Friday night totaled 55.80, our breakfast purchase at IKEA was 10.24, and our lunch purchase was 46.08.  Friday we went somewhere I had a coupon for ( ran a special for 25$ restaurant vouchers for .25 the other month, and I bought a whole bunch of random ones), so our OOP expense was only 30.80.  Ikea’s food total was 56.32, of which 46.08 was deducted from our purchase of 150$ downstairs… So our total out of pocket eating out was only 41.04 this week, putting me 8.96 in the black. (that can pay the tolls since we decided to go down to college park since the store is 4x the size of the baltimore store)

That brings us to today.



Here’s this morning’s smoothie mix, 2 bananas, 1 kiwi, 6 slices frozen peach, 8cubes frozen mango, handful frozen blackberries, 3 handfuls frozen strawberries, 1.5 cups coconut milk, 1 cup whole milk plain organic yogurt, and about 1 cup milk (needed in order to blend!) which conveniently turned into smoothies for the whole family.




We also had Irish Porridge… Side note, ALDI now sells steel cut oats !!! I was amazed when I ran in there for some broccoli the other day and saw it!

Since it’s daylight Savings time, we are going to use up some leftovers for a late lunch (spaghetti, potato soup, and beef stroganoff) and Grandma offered to treat us to Chinese tonight!!

What a blessing.

On that note, I’m going to go try and climb on top of the mountain of laundry left to do, I still have about 6 more loads before it’s done.  This morning after cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I broke out the plaster surrounding my chimney in the kitchen from 5’high down to the ground. I stopped at just one face of the chimney since my shoulder started aching from swinging the hammer… it is apparently NOT my forte 🙂 The entire chimney is now about 2/3 of the way stripped, eventually it will be brushed and sealed to be a nice focal point instead of an eye sore, but alas, that is another day.

I also went ahead and removed a few random pieces of wood lathe that have been sticking out from our door (overhead height) since we took the wall down a few years ago… little things, little things.

I’m going to attempt to tackle at least 2 more projects today in the spirit of spring, the first is organizing/sorting through the tops of two storage units (a desk and an 8 block IKEA Expedit cube storage shelf) which are both empty on the inside, it’s the top surfaces that are currently serving a purpose!  Then I need to get my good will stuff to the car, I have 4 big boxes in various parts of my house ready to go, and then load up some bulk trash into my car to drop in the dumpster too.  I think that’s about enough for today.  The rest will just have to wait.

keep smiling 🙂


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