As Promised :)

Today will be the first of MANY food posts, but it has to be quick as we are running out the door in 45 minutes to get Kyle casted for RGOs!!!

I promised pictures, and I promised menus… So I am delivering.

photo(9) This was the start of last night’s dinner, Chicken and Dumplings.

Everything works great when you don’t forget an ingredient, but I did, and while dinner was edible, it was not GREAT… (by any stretch of the means).  Here I started with a basic soup base, 1 Tbsp Olive oil, some herbs and spices, 2 chopped onions, 3 stalks chopped celery, 3 chopped carrots, and I added 2 cubed chicken breasts to the mix for this soup.

Once everything was cooked, I added 6 cups of chicken broth, boiled for 20 minutes and dropped the dumplings in, covered and cooked 12 minutes.

That USUALLY does it, except I left out one TINY little thing… The dumpling recipe calls for 1 cup flour, 1/3 cup milk, 2 T cooking oil, and 1 teaspoon baking powder.  Methodology is everything with dumplings.  1st, mix dry ingredients. (I add a pinch of salk and basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme)… then add wet ingredients and plop into soup a Tbsp at a time…

Simple right? well, not if you forget the baking powder and try to add it after the wet is mixed in, you wind up with baking powder coating the whole mixture and when you drop the dumplings in, getting this fantastic explosion of fizz while the baking soda dissipates into the soup, leaving you with gluey dough mixture sitting on the top of your soup. It doesn’t rise, it doesn’t cook, it’s really not all that pleasant…


So this morning I redeemed my flop of last night with this 🙂 Monster smoothies! I tossed 1 banana, 1.5 cups of coconut milk (we used the SO delicious original this week because I didn’t have time to get to TJ’s) a handful of frozen mango, frozen peaches, 3 cups of spinach and kale, a very ripe kiwi, and 1/2 cup whole milk plain organic yogurt.

Perhaps I will remember as it gets more habitual to talk about food to actually post pictures of the process… I always think those are fun.

Anywho- gotta run! Will post more later!

… Here’s that later …

For the rest of today, The kids had Macaroni and Cheese (yes, from a BOX) for lunch, and pinapple tidbits (yes from a can)… we had a crazy busy therapy schedule and casting appointment this morning, and it’s all I could do to get them FED…

Tonight is Pizza Hut.  Don’t hate me.  Everyone needs a break in their life, and this is mine… My kitchen island and cutting board and table needed to be oiled… so they need a 4 hour break, and let’s face it, after dinner is no time for motivation for oiling ANYTHING.

So we went to Pat’s Pizza instead of Pizza Hut… after a slight mishap with the fried appetizer being fried in the same oil as shrimp and me having a small allergic reaction to it, it was actually a really nice meal.

Don’t hate me for tomorrow though 🙂 We’re heading to IKEA for their “eat for free” promotion.  We have a few hundred dollars worth of stuff to pick up, and so technically it won’t cost us a dime to eat 🙂


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